THE Scottish Conservatives have withdrawn their confidence motion against Humza Yousaf after it became apparent it would fail.

It was a key factor in triggering his resignation and the Tories have declared victory, saying “job done”.

But the Scottish Greens had reversed their previous support for the motion after it became apparent the First Minister would step down.

Had it gone to a vote as planned, it appeared certain to fail without Green backing.

The Tories have asked the slot is now filled with a statement from the Lord Advocate on the Post Office Horizon scandal.

They said there were “blatant contradictions” in the Scottish Government’s stance, after the Lord Advocate previously indicated she was against mass exonerations while the SNP leadership are in favour.

In Westminster on Monday, Tory MPs voted down an SNP bid to have Scotland included in UK plans for mass exonerations

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “I’m delighted that the Scottish Conservative motion of no confidence in Humza Yousaf achieved its purpose by forcing him to resign.

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“While, on a personal level, I wish him well for the future, he was a disaster as First Minister and it’s in Scotland’s interests that he goes.

“The next goal for my party is to see off this feuding, failing SNP government and switch the focus away from their independence obsession and on to the public’s real priorities – such as growing the economy and improving Scotland’s ailing public services.

The National: Humza Yousaf

“As it’s job done in terms of Humza Yousaf, there’s no longer any need for us to press ahead with a debate on our no-confidence motion.”

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He added that Scottish victims of the Post Office scandal must hear answers from the SNP government.

Ross said: “On the one hand, ministers are demanding that UK legislation be extended to Scotland, yet, on the other, the Lord Advocate is opposed to the blanket exonerations that lie at the heart of it.”