ASH Regan will set out a list of demands to Humza Yousaf as his future hangs in the balance in exchange for her support – including him backing her independence bill.

The former SNP minister turned Alba MSP has said her letter to the First Minister will outline three areas on which her potential support rests. 

Speaking to LBC earlier today, Regan said she would work with the SNP on an “issue-by-issue basis” but her support in an upcoming confidence vote in Yousaf was conditional.  

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The National understands she will look for a “solid commitment” on advancing her Referendum Bill, which she unveiled late last year.

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The bill would lay the groundwork for a referendum on devolving the powers to hold a second vote on independence.

But it has so far stalled because it has not received the necessary level of support from other MSPs.

It could be a powerful negotiating chip for the sole Alba MSP – with a confidence vote on the First Minister likely to be decided either way by a tight margin.

Regan said: “I think it was long, long overdue and hopefully this signals a return to competent government but I’m very pleased to see that this will be the end of Green party extremism.

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“I’m happy to listen to what the SNP have got to say, my door is open and I will support them on an issue-by-issue basis.

“My priorities are completely unchanged and that is: independence, women’s rights, child protection, protection of our key industries.”

Opponents are calling for Yousaf to step down and the Tories have tabled a confidence motion against him after he terminated the SNP's power-sharing deal with the Greens

The Scottish Government was approached for comment.