THE head of the BBC will be in Edinburgh this afternoon to be quizzed by SNP MSPs.

Tim Davie accepted an offer of a meeting with the SNP at Holyrood after other executives at the BBC were questioned on why he had privately met with Conservative MPs at Westminster.

In October 2023, Davie had spoken at a private meeting of the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs. Reports said the appointment had been arranged the previous July.

Davie’s appearance at the meeting was brought up when BBC chief financial officer Alan Dickson and BBC Scotland director Steve Carson faced questions from MSPs on Holyrood’s culture committee in January.

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Keith Brown, the depute leader of the SNP, asked the pair: “I wondered, given that we've seen in recent times the director-general of the BBC attending a meeting of Conservative MPs at Westminster, if we can expect a similar kind of courtesy from the director-general in this parliament?

“In terms of direct communication with the director-general to raise some concerns, is that possible?”

Dickson said that previous director-generals had appeared before Holyrood committees, leading Brown to highlight how Davie had attended a meeting for “a particular political party,” not a parliamentary committee.

“Is that a courtesy extended to all parties?” the SNP MSP asked.

Dickson replied: “I'm sure the director general would be open to communication. If there are any issues or any concerns to put towards him, I'm sure he would respond accordingly.”

On Tuesday, Politico reported that the BBC had “eventually accepted” the SNP’s offer of a meeting at Holyrood and he would be in the Scottish capital on April 23.

Topics expected to be discussed at the meeting include a restructure of Scottish news output which Culture Secretary Angus Robertson has described as “massive cuts”.

Robertson wrote to both Davie and Ofcom in February raising concerns about the cuts, saying: “Scotland has seen great recent success in its screen and TV sector and this decision to downgrade the news output runs counter to that success. I would like to express how urgent this issue is and meet to discuss as soon as possible.”