ANGUS Robertson is seeking urgent meetings with the BBC director-general and Ofcom over plans to change the broadcaster’s news output in Scotland.

BBC Scotland announced this week it is planning to scrap The Nine amid a raft of changes – described by Robertson as “massive cuts” - to its news and current affairs content.

According to figures released on January 8, The Nine only reached 8200 viewers on its most successful day.

In a statement on social media, the BBC said the changes will include “launching a new 30 minute news programme at 7pm on BBC Scotland” which will replace The Nine.

The broadcaster also confirmed it would be “regularly extending Reporting Scotland on BBC One for a number of hour-long special editions”.

As part of the overhaul, entertainment news show The Edit and Seven Days – a weekly news review programme – would also be ditched.

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Culture Secretary Robertson has said he is “deeply disappointed” by the proposals and is concerned it will have a “detrimental long-term impact” on audiences and news output in Scotland.

He has written to director-general Tim Davie and Ofcom expressing his concerns and has asked for meetings with them both.

His letters state: “I would like to thank BBC officials for their continued engagement with the Scottish Government on the wide range of BBC projects and on this current broadcasting issue.

“However, I was deeply disappointed to learn of the proposed reduction of news coverage in peak viewing time previously agreed with Ofcom.

“While I recognise the shift in programming towards digital, news consumption across broadcast TV remains crucial for certain demographics.

“I am greatly concerned that this move will not only have a detrimental long-term impact on audiences but also the news and current affairs output in Scotland.

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“Scotland has seen great recent success in its screen and TV sector and this decision to downgrade the news output runs counter to that success. I would like to express how urgent this issue is and meet to discuss as soon as possible.”

The BBC has said it will be extending the series run of Debate Night on the BBC Scotland channel and will be increasing the frequency of ‘live’ online reporting and explanatory articles on the news website and app.

Gary Smith, head of news and current affairs, said:  “It’s going to be a busy year for news with a UK election, an American election, and Scotland’s trip to Germany for the Euros.

“We need to make sure we keep changing our output as audience habits change, so that we provide the best possible service for our audiences in the formats and on the platforms they want.”