TODAY marks the start of our special week-long series on UK arms exports. 

It comes as the UK Government comes under increasing pressure to stop arming Israel.

But the UK's relationship with arms sales goes a lot further than that.

Every day this week, we'll be diving right into the topic of arms sales – who profits from them? How do we decide which countries are okay to send arms to? How many deaths have British-build weapons led to? What are the systems in place to ensure international law is adhered to? 

We'll be aiming to answer these questions and many more as part of the limited series. 

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Monday kicks off with an exploration of the question: How do arms sales work? 

Our reporter Adam Robertson has spoken with experts to determine exactly what the systems in place look like here in the UK. 

Elsewhere, political reporter Hamish Morrison investigates just how much money the UK makes from arms sales. 

The National: Palestine Action on the roof of a Leonardo factoryPalestine Action on the roof of a Leonardo factory

There is also an exclusive comment piece from Palestine Action, a group of activists who take direct action against firms with links to Israeli weaponry. We've increasingly seen these kinds of protests take place across the UK since October 7. 

There is lots more to come throughout the week, with our whole team contributing to this important series. 

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