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From Monday, The National will be launching a limited series exploring arms exports from the UK.

With arms sales to Israel an increasing concern given fears around war crimes being committed in Gaza, recent polling shows a majority of Scots wants the UK to stop sending weapons to the IDF.

The National: Gaza

As the public discuss the legal and ethical implications of the UK arming a state which has been widely been accused of breaking international law, we're exploring the topic in detail.

We're looking at how UK-manufactured weaponry is used in Gaza, and the situation with arms exports here more broadly.

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How do arms sales work? Who decides which countries we can sell them to? How much money is created from arms sales in the UK, and who profits? Is there a precedent for ending arms sales to specific countries, and how has direct action had an impact in the past?

Closer to home, we'll be exploring the companies benefitting from public cash while sending arms around the world, the Scottish pension funds investing in controversial arms companies and the politicians with a financial interest in the industry.

The National: Gaza rubble

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There will also be must-read op-eds and columns from our usual top columnist line-up, and special guests.

You can expect to see livestreams across our socials with our team exploring what we've learned, shareable video clips and graphics, and much more.

Make sure you check out The National in print and online, every day from Monday to Friday next week, as we dive into this important and timely subject.