AN SNP MP has called out David Cameron for his hypocrisy when discussing Gaza during his morning media round.

The Foreign Secretary appeared on Sky News following a weekend where Iran launched drones and missiles towards Israel after vowing retaliation for a deadly strike on its consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus.

He also confirmed the Prime Minister will address the news further in a statement to the House of Commons on Monday.

Iran launched 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles early on Sunday, according to Israeli estimates, with the US and UK helping to defend against the attack.

Asked by Kay Burley about Israel’s attack on the consulate and whether this was “good judgement,” Cameron said: “That’s something the Israelis decided to do. I can completely understand the frustration the Israelis feel when they look at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and they look at the terrible things that they have done all over the world, including the support they give to Hamas.

“And of course Hamas were responsible for October 7 and that is where all of this begins so you can completely understand the frustration.”

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Pressed further on Iran’s “frustration” and retaliation at the attack on the consulate, Cameron (below) said he would argue there is a “massive degree of difference” between the two events.   

The National: former prime minister David Cameron

He said it was “reckless and dangerous” for Iran to launch an attack in the manner it did and added: “I think the whole world can see, all these countries that have somehow wondered you know what is the true nature of Iran, it’s there in black and white.”

Cameron was then asked how the UK would respond if one of its consulates was attacked, to which he said, “we would take very strong action”.

He then said there could have been “thousands of casualties” had the weapons not been shot down although conceded “countries have a right to respond when they feel they’ve suffered an aggression”.

Writing on Twitter/X, SNP MP Dr Philippa Whitford said: “Cameron describes #Iran’s response to #Israel’s bombing of their consulate as disproportionate – does he consider >33,000 dead & 80,000 injured in #Gaza proportionate?

“Is starving two million people proportionate? #CeasefireNOW.”

Following the weekend’s events, Humza Yousaf has called for the international community to demand an “immediate ceasefire,” saying a “military solution” would not work.