A SCOTTISH branch of a Muslim international organisation has distanced itself from Labour MP Michael Shanks after members raised concerns about his attendance at a religious ceremony.

Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI) Glasgow issued a "clarification" to members on Saturday after a community Iftar was hosted on April 7. The ritual, which marked the end of the day’s fasting for Muslims, had been attended by Shanks.

The group said Shanks had not been invited but had "registered himself through the Eventbrite page".

However, MQI reiterated that as a "responsibility", it opens its doors to all of the community "irrespective of their views and thoughts".

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Shanks had shared pictures of himself alongside members of the group on his social media accounts,  writing: "Thank you to Rutherglen Mosque and @MQIUK for inviting the community into your place of worship tonight to share in an Iftar meal.

"It was a pleasure to meet you all, talk about our shared connections, interfaith work and learn more about Islam and global charity work."

Scotland’s newest MP has consistently backed Keir Starmer’s position on Gaza over Scottish Labour's Anas Sarwar.

Alongside Scottish Labour MPs Ian Murray, Shanks toed the party line by abstaining on the SNP vote in November and backed Labour's amendment, which instead called for longer humanitarian pauses.

On Sunday, he refused to back Sarwar over calls for the UK to stop exporting weapons to Israel.

It is understood MQI members had raised concerns about Shanks's political positions with group leaders.

The statement released added: "MQI Glasgow believes in engaging with our guests, and we will always open our doors with the values and teachings of Islam, and so long as there is no physical harm to any members of the congregation."

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It went on: "It has come to our understanding that certain members of the community have expressed their concerns about Mr Shanks's presence at the community Iftar.

"We would like to make it absolutely and categorically clear that MQI Glasgow expresses its unflinching support and solidarity with their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

"Our dedication is heartfelt, as we will continue to stand with the Palestinian people unconditionally and their just and rightful cause for freedom."

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The group further laid out its fundraising efforts and aid sent to Gaza.

"We strongly condemn the humanitarian situation that has led to the worst crises in the Middle East. Our welfare arm, Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) has been supporting the people of Palestine for almost two decades.

"MWF have more recently been providing cooked meals to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. MWF has already sent almost 100 truckloads of aid via the Rafah border, including medical aid, food, water, and shelter.

"MQI Glasgow and MWF are unequivocally committed in support the people of Palestine."

In reply, members thanked the group for the "clarification", with one writing: "Thank you for clarifying. I wish I knew the way that you could practice your values and not have cynical people like that man take advantage."

Another said: "How would you educate people about right and wrong if you don't engage with them and cut them off?

"Iftar should be open to all members of the society irrespective of their religion or views. It's a shame that you had to issue a clarification on this."