SCOTTISH Labour have suspended a councillor embroiled in a racism row as an investigation was launched.

Glasgow councillor Audrey Dempsey is at the centre of a storm over her offensive social media posts and her intense focus on “anti-white racism”, which she claims is on the rise.

The National can reveal she has liked a number of tweets about “anti-white racism”, including some posts slamming her own party.

Dempsey liked a tweet which asked whether the burqa – a full-body gown worn by some Muslim women which leaves only a small slit for the eyes – should be banned.

She also liked a tweet which said that “white lives don’t matter to the political class, media or justice system”, and another which spoke about the “[Black Lives Matter] agenda”.

Under a post about her doubling down on claims white teachers and pupils were facing “rising” levels of racist violence, first revealed by The Herald, she liked a comment which said: “So a Labour councillor reports on the racist violence and abuse white kids are suffering.

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SNP, Labour and so-called anti-racist groups attack her for speaking out. This is what you call institutional racism where main players in society [are] openly defending anti-white hate.”

We revealed on Sunday how Dempsey – who runs the charity Glasgow’s No.1 Baby and Family Support Service, which distributes clothing, toys and other goods to families in poverty – had also made comments on TikTok claiming that asylum seekers get “priority” over native Scots.

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Dempsey represents Springburn and Robroyston, the former area being home to 11% of Glasgow's African population, according to a 2014 study by Manchester University. 

The same study found it was one of the areas with the highest levels of poor English proficiency in Glasgow, with 5% of residents being unable to speak the language well. 

A spokesperson for the Green group on Glasgow City Council said: "Councillor Dempsey's ignorant yet dangerous comments are something we used to hear from the BNP and those seeking asylum in Springburn and Robroyston ward will feel they don't have a fighter in their corner against the toxic and inhumane Home Office.

Greens will continue to fight along with communities against the demonisation of those seeking asylum perpetuated by Tory, and now sadly Labour, politicians.”

An SNP source added: “This pattern of behaviour raises serious concerns about the attitudes and views of Councillor Dempsey.”

The National understands Scottish Labour has launched an investigation into Dempsey's conduct and she has been suspended while this is carried out. 

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously.

“They are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate action is taken.”

Dempsey was approached for comment.