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THE date for the General Election hasn’t even been set yet but a clear loser has presented itself already – political vetting.

For a start, what is going on with Reform’s General Election candidates? I don’t think anyone was expecting the cream of the crop but this beggars belief…

So far, two Scottish candidates have been suspended by the party over far-right social media posts while another was ditched for making pro-cannibal comments online. Yes, you read that right.

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The National also revealed today that Reform’s candidate for the new East Kilbride and Strathaven constituency previously declared himself “the prophet of a new age” and wanted to subsidise brothel visits for civil servants. What a circus.

While he isn’t a candidate, The National also had the displeasure of reporting on Reform organiser Alastair Majury – who described sexual fantasies involving the size of his penis on his public blog.

But it’s not just Reform.

Scottish Labour General Election candidate Wilma Brown has been suspended from the party after she shared "dozens" of offensive tweets on social media.

The Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy candidate was found to have liked and reposted a swathe of "racist, Islamophobic and transphobic" posts on Twitter/X today – first revealed by us.

These included posts claiming that Scottish Government aid to Gaza was going to Hamas, and messages that featured the debunked viral claim that Humza Yousaf had said there are “too many white people in Scotland”.

Last month, Brown also liked a racist post telling an Indian man who was expressing his love for England and its flag “you will NEVER be an Englishman” and “it is not your flag”.

The National: Wilma Brown campaigning alongside Keir Starmer

I mean, this is a candidate that was chosen for a photo op (above) with Labour leader and supposed PM-in-waiting Keir Starmer.

On a serious note, what if these mad and dangerous views didn’t come to light before they were elected?

There has been a lot of talk of a dearth of quality politicians in UK politics with trust at an all-time low. Without effective vetting, they’re failing at the very first hurdle.