WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual content some readers may find disturbing. 

REFORM have stood by a party official who made extremely graphic sexual comments on his public blog – saying “sometimes we should take things with a bit of humour”.

Alastair Majury, a party’s organiser in Mid Scotland and Fife, made a detailed entry on his Medium blog, talking about the size of his manhood and relating graphic sexual fantasies.

In the post, made on November 27, 2022, Majury (below) wrote: “I’m not the largest but I am in the top 30% for girth.

The National:

“Do you have preference for length over girth or girth over length?

“Do you have any preference when it comes to ball size?

“I know a lot of women say things like ‘size doesn’t matter’, but I still see how their eyes lighten up when they see long, thick c**k. How important is size to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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“Don’t worry about being nice. I wonder if you’ll make me regret asking. [smiling devil emoji]."

Majury added that he was “looking to chat about pretty much anything related to this” and added two phone numbers, one with a Reading area code and another with an area code for Leicester.

According to his blog and his LinkedIn profile, Majury lives in Dunblane, near Stirling.

The National: Richard Tice.

The blog ended with the words "elec" and "gas" followed by long strings of numbers. 

It is not the first time that Majury has talked about his penis online. He was revealed by The National in 2017 to have made sexually explicit comments on a dating website, boasting that his penis was “7-8 inches” long with a “medium to thick girth".

In another post from 2015, the former Tory councillor asked the “girls of the site” about their preferences in size.

Majury was temporarily suspended from the Stirling council Tory group and by the Dunblane Boys Brigade, where he had volunteered, over tweets he made referring to Catholics as “tarriers”.

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Under the username Mulder81 he also likened Scottish nationalists to Nazis, dismissed homelessness and food support charities and attacked benefit claimants.

A Reform spokesperson told The National: “This was clearly meant to be a private blog where Alistair got confused and thought he was talking about his electricity and gas bill.

“Size does matter for millions of people in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. Especially when it comes to their electricity and gas bills. Sometimes we should take things with a bit of humour.”

It comes after Reform suspended and launched an investigation into their candidate in West Aberdeenshire, who had advocated for cannibalism and said humanity should be "obliterated".