ALL Under One Banner (AUOB) has invited all of Scotland's pro-independence parties to speak at an upcoming rally.

Invites have been issued to a number of parties including the SNP, Greens, Alba, Independence for Scotland (ISP), Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and Sovereignty.

At the time of writing, David McHutchon, the leader of Sovereignty, has accepted the invite while Colette Walker, leader of ISP, replied with a "favourable response" for her availability.

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The SNP had been given a deadline of April 8 but a response has not been received. The Scottish Greens deadline is set for April 15 and all other parties have until April 22 to reply.

The SNP have been approached for comment,

The rally is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 4 and is a march both for Scottish independence and “against the war on Gaza”.

We previously told how AUOB rebranded its graphics and messaging ahead of the march to include calls for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The invites have further added an invitation to "another of this year’s three scheduled AUOB demonstrations" if the Glasgow march was not doable.

These are due to take place in Stirling on June 22, Elgin on August 3 and Edinburgh on September 7.