A SCOTTISH Labour councillor embroiled in a racism row has sparked fresh controversy – by suggesting that asylum seekers get “priority” over native Scots.

Glasgow councillor Audrey Dempsey was already facing criticism over her suggestion racist attacks against white people were on the rise in the city’s schools.

She is now facing fresh scrutiny over “unbecoming” comments she made about asylum seekers on social media.

Under a now-deleted TikTok video that she made, the Glasgow Labour councillor posted comments saying asylum seekers were given preferential treatment over born and bred Scots.

She said that the “problem with AS [asylum seekers] is the priority given to them over people who have lived in the country all their lives. AS [asylum seekers] are not at fault but the arrangements between gov and home office is. for the same of getting the money the gov seem quite willing to generate”.

The National can also reveal she liked questionable comments from other users, including one referring to the First Minister as “Humza Hamas” and one which said: “yet gcc [Glasgow city council] can find money to look after all these [people] coming of the boats”.

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The SNP accused Dempsey of making comments which “play directly into the hands of those who would seek to sow division”.

A spokesperson for the Glasgow SNP group said: “Glasgow has a proud history of welcoming people from around the world to make their homes in this city.

“These sort of comments play directly into the hands of those who would seek to sow division and are unbecoming of an elected member in this city.

“Given the pattern emerging here, Labour might want to consider awareness training for Cllr Dempsey on social media use and the impact this sort of language can have.”

The National: Audrey Dempsey

It comes after Dempsey (above) was revealed by The Herald to have tabled a question at a Glasgow Labour group meeting about “rising racist attacks on white children and teachers”.

Challenged on her comments, the councillor told the paper she was “very aware of incidents where racist abuse against white children and teachers is happening” and accused her critics in the SNP of launching a “political attack”.

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Asked about her social media posts, a Scottish Labour spokesperson said: “The views expressed in no way reflect the views of the Scottish Labour Party or the Glasgow Labour group.”

According to analysis by the House of Commons library, Glasgow is the local authority with the most “housed” asylum seekers in the UK, as of the end of last year.

This means asylum seekers were either living in dispersal accommodation or in other forms of accommodation such as hotels.

Dempsey is the founder and service manager of Glasgow’s No.1 Baby and Family Support Service, a charity which distributes clothing, toys and other goods to families in poverty.  

Dempsey did not respond to requests for comment.