A SCOTTISH candidate for the Reform Party has been suspended for making pro-cannibalism comments and saying the human race should be “obliterated”.

Iris Leask is facing an investigation by the party which could derail her candidacy in West Aberdeenshire after a string of bizarre social media posts.

The computer company director, hoping to unseat Tory MP Andrew Bowie, called for meat-eaters to “eat other humans” and said humanity should be “obliterated”, according to the Mail on Sunday.

She also said that former defence secretary Ben Wallace (below) “should be left to die” in Afghanistan and, in a separate post about pet evacuations from Kabul, said Wallace should “die with them” if the rescuers failed.

The National: Ben Wallace

A party spokesperson told the paper: “Iris Leask has been suspended pending further investigation.”

The paper also turned up other strange and offensive comments from Reform candidates, including Stevenage candidate Amodio Amato, who said First Minister Humza Yousaf was “most certainly a Hamas terrorist supporter”.

He also said there would be a “a Muslim army run by Sadiq Khan”, the Mayor of London.

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And Pete Addis, who was running for Reform in South Shropshire said he wanted national treasure David Attenborough (below) to be “killed off” and revealed that he had been banned from Facebook for 30 days for using the racial slur “ch***y”.

The National: David Attenborough

Addis has also shared sexist remarks such as calling Labour frontbencher Angela Rayner a “slag” and a “trollop”, and telling journalist Ava Evans – previously targeted in a misogynistic rant by Laurence Fox – that he would “shag” her after a “few more” pints of beer.

In a shocking post from December 2022, the businessman said: “Bum sex, this is where brown babies come from!”

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Reform said it had dumped both men as candidates, with a spokesperson telling the Mail on Sunday: “Amodio Amato and Pete Addis have been removed from their candidature with immediate effect, for comments that clearly breach any basic idea of decency.”

Reform are posing a serious threat to the Conservatives in the upcoming General Election, with YouGov analysis published last week showing Richard Tice's party could cost the Tories 41 seats. 

They appear unlikely to pick up any seats but are polling at around 12%, roughly equal with the LibDems.