THE Deputy First Minister has said she is "fed up" with a Tory MSP interrupting mainly female colleagues in Holyrood

On Tuesday, a row broke out in the chamber after Scottish Greens MSP Maggie Chapman raised concerns about male politicians heckling female MSPs.

She specifically mentioned the behaviour of Tory MSP Stephen Kerr, who she accused of interrupting public health minister Jenni Minto. 

A fierce row broke out soon afterwards, with Kerr later accusing Robison of saying that he was going to "fall from a very high place". 

When asked by The Courier about her comments, Robison said: 

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"The constant barracking of mainly female colleagues by Mr Kerr in this chamber is intolerable and people are frankly fed up with it.

"I did say to Mr Kerr that his behaviour and arrogance would lead to him having a very high fall at some point. Now, obviously, this was meant metaphorically and politically, not literally."

However, Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton said Robison should apologise for the remark. 

She added: "What recourse does the member have to elicit an apology from the Deputy First Minister for this threatening conduct?

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“Isn’t it the case that if a member of the public said this to a member of the parliament, it would be viewed as a security issue and investigated by Police Scotland?”

A spokesperson for Shona Robison said:  "Like others who were challenging Stephen Kerr’s behaviour, Shona was fed up of his constant barracking of female members – her remarks were clearly metaphorical.

"Indeed, Shona thinks the entire Conservative Party in Scotland is heading for a political fall at the general election, including in the seat Mr Kerr is contesting."