A TORY MSP has claimed he was “threatened” by Shona Robison after a row broke out in Holyrood.

Stephen Kerr said the Deputy First Minister told him he was going to "fall from a very high place.”

Scottish Greens MSP Maggie Chapman was raising concerns about male politicians heckling female ministers in the chamber, referring to Kerr by name and accusing him of interrupting public health minister Jenni Minto.

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During a break in proceedings soon after, a heated exchange developed between Kerr and members of the SNP frontbench including Robison.

The Tory MSP wagged his fingers and was heard saying “nonsense” and “absolute nonsense” while Robison can be heard saying “very high fall, from a very high place” before walking away.

The full context of the discussion (pictured below), however, is unclear.

The National:

Kerr then raised a point of order, saying: “I’m very sorry to have to do this, presiding officer, but in the exchanges across this gangway here before the Cabinet Secretaries left this row, I perceive that I was threatened. The exact words used were I am going to fall from a very high place. That’s attested by my colleagues that that is what was said.

"Can I ask you please for some guidance on whether or not it is at all appropriate for such threats to be made in this chamber between members of this parliament.”

Holyrood Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone responded by saying MSPs “should not be involved in conversations across the aisles”, particularly those which are “discourteous or disrespectful”.