The National:

A TORY MSP has been left red-faced after his local association mixed up his “official” website with that of an account hawking mail-order brides from Latin America.

Oliver Mundell, the MSP for Dumfriesshire, suffered the embarrassing confusion when a site bearing his name was linked on his profile for the Dumfries and Galloway Conservatives Association website.

But his namesake’s web address directs users to another site, called “Latin Woman Dating”, which promises to connect customers with “Latina mail order brides looking for a serious and caring husband abroad”.

The link has since been removed but the Tory MSP (below) may have concerns about how the other Mundell’s life appears to bear a number of striking similarities to his own.

The National: Oliver Mundell

The other Mundell’s site claims he is a dating coach who will teach men how to get with Latin American women – but in his biography, he states that, like the MSP, he was raised in Moffat and read law at Edinburgh University before working for Shell.

The site states: “My life took a serendipitous turn when I met my future wife, a spirited Latin American woman who introduced me to a world of warmth and fervent customs.

The National:

“Enthralled by our cultural exchange, I shifted my focus to understanding and celebrating the nuances of Latin American dating culture.

“As a couple, we have thrived on mutual respect and an appreciation for our diverse backgrounds – a testament to the power of cultural embrace.

“Moved by our own love story, I am dedicated to helping others navigate the colourful waters of Latin romance.”

The National:

It adds: "Oliver’s journey has given him a deep understanding of Latin American women – their desires, what they seek in relationships, and how to make them happy.

"He’s taking this rich experience to, aiming to bridge the gap between American men and Latin American women.

"His mission? To help love transcend physical and cultural barriers, helping every man find his ideal match, no matter the distance."

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Mundell (the Dumfriesshire MSP) told The National: “It’s deeply flattering that my former website domain has been snapped up by a dating service.

“The link has now been removed to avoid any unlikely confusion by any readers of The National.”