THE outpouring of support for The National’s fundraiser in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians has been awe-inspiring.

We knew our readers were extremely concerned about the situation unfolding in Gaza, and that they would give generously to help get aid on the ground. But not to this extent.

Our initial goal of £15,000 was smashed in less than a day. Subsequent goals of £25,000, £50,000 and now £75,000 have been surpassed and we thank everyone who has donated or shared the campaign.

We have outlined how important Medical Aid for Palestinians’ work is as people in Gaza are literally starving.

Now, our final goal is clear: We want to reach £100,000 by the end of Saturday.

It’s an ambitious goal but one we know our readers will be equally keen to reach to not only help the people of Gaza but also send a huge message of support from Scotland and beyond.

The money raised will help get more urgently needed medical aid into Gaza and distribute it to those in need.

We can all see the urgency of the situation faced by Palestinians in the images we see on the news and shared across social media.

Thank you all for your donations, big and small. Our readers' generosity has been incredible.

Now, onwards to £100k!

Please click here to donate if you can.