WHEN we announced our fundraiser in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians last week, we were aiming to raise £15,000 over the course of a week. 

We knew that our readers were extremely concerned about the situation unfolding in Gaza, and that they would give generously to help get aid on the ground. 

But we also know that in a cost of living crisis, so many people are watching their pennies closely and making every one of them count. 

So when we smashed the £15k target within hours of launching the campaign, we were blown away.

It was incredible to see the speed of the donations coming in. Some people give £5, others have given hundreds and even upwards of £1000. It all counts. 

At the time of writing this, we're about to smash the £50k target – and the next milestone is £75k. It's ambitious. But we're very hopeful. 

Donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians here

Medical Aid for Palestinians is one of the few charities on the ground in northern Gaza, getting much-needed drugs and equipment to hospitals. They're distributing hygiene packs and other essentials to families who no longer have a home to go to. 

The money raised will help get more urgently needed medical aid into Gaza and distribute it to those in need. 

We can all see the urgency of the situation faced by Palestinians in the images we see on the news and shared across social media. Across Scotland, people have shown that they care deeply and want to help.

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It is very welcome that all of Scotland's main political party leaders have given this campaign their backing. Regardless of political identity, we can all work together to try and help those who need it most.

Thank you all for your donations, big and small. Our readers' generosity has been incredible.

Now, let's smash that £75k mark.

Please click here to donate if you can.