UPDATE: As of 1pm on Saturday, March 9, we are so close to smashing our £15,000 target and have decided to double our aims. The target is now £30,000 by next Saturday.

THE leaders of every major Scottish party have endorsed The National’s fundraiser on behalf of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

The war on Gaza has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis – with over 30,000 dead, 70,000 injured and a health system on the brink of collapse. Medical workers are on the frontline of this ongoing nightmare and deserve all the help we can get to them.

This is why we are glad that every leader of a political party represented in the Scottish Parliament has backed this fundraiser – where we are asking the people of Scotland (and beyond) to donate what they can to this important charity.

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First Minister Humza Yousaf said every donation “no matter how big or small” plays a “significant role”.

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"Without an immediate ceasefire, every day that passes brings even more pain and suffering to millions of innocent children, women and men in Palestine. Over 30,000 children and civilians have been tragically killed so far - and, because vast swathes of Gaza have been obliterated, hospitals are struggling to function,” the SNP leader added.

“While the world continues to fail the innocent civilians caught up in this devastating conflict, the compassion that people across Scotland have shown has been incredible.

“It’s clear people want to do everything they can to help those suffering in the Gaza strip and this fundraising collaboration between the National and Medical Aid for Palestinians is a brilliant way to do that. Every donation, no matter how big or small, plays a significant role in getting help to those who need it most."

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, meanwhile, hailed MAP’s “remarkable work” and also urged everyone to give what they can.

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He said: “The people of Gaza are living through a humanitarian crisis and the international community must do all it can to protect lives.

“The work that Medical Aid for Palestinians is vital in saving so many lives during this horrific war.

“Medical Aid for Palestine have done remarkable work on the ground in Gaza, staying to help the people in need.

“I encourage everyone to give what they can to Medical Aid for Palestinians so that they can keep up their lifesaving work in Palestine.”

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross said that the events unfolding in the Middle East since Hamas’ attack on October 7 are “truly heartbreaking”.

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“I’m happy to support all fundraising efforts to get medical aid to those innocent victims of this appalling conflict, both Palestinian and Israeli,” he added.

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said it was “always the most vulnerable who suffer the most” in conflict.

“Children are starving and dying from totally preventable causes. Securing a ceasefire and an end to the war is absolutely vital, and so is getting aid to the hundreds of thousands of people who need it.

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"The situation is urgent. Medical Aid for Palestinians is doing invaluable work in providing life-saving relief, and so is the National by running this campaign."

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said the fundraiser was “hugely important” and can help bring “vital aid to the people of Gaza”.

He said: “What we are witnessing is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe. Innocent Palestinians must not pay the price for the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

The National:

“We have a moral duty to protect the innocent people on both sides of this conflict, and that is why Scottish Liberal Democrats want to see the delivery of aid on the ground and an immediate bilateral ceasefire.”

Alba leader Alex Salmond said the “absolute priority” was getting aid into Gaza.

“The slaughter of innocents continues as the UN Security Council veto has stopped meaningful intervention in Gaza to end the conflict even when 90% and more of the General Assembly have voted to stop the killing,” he said.

“Despite the good work the UN carries out for peace, sustainable development and human rights, if it is immobilised in the face of manifest injustice and suffering, then it will fall into disrepute.”

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He added: “The time for reform is long overdue and the General Assembly should be empowered to override the veto if a huge majority of members vote for UN peacekeeping intervention or indeed sanctions.

“In the immediate here and now, the absolute priority is to get aid into Gaza and I offer full support to The National fundraiser on behalf of Medical Aid for Palestinians, and hope others can do what they can to help the people of Gaza at this dreadful time where they have been unforgivably let down by world governance but not by the people.”