A waterfall in the Scottish Highlands has been dubbed one of the "most spectacular" in the whole of the UK.

The natural formation located on a remote estate, was named alongside waterfalls in places like Cumbria and Wales.

If you're interested in seeing the Scottish waterfall named one of the "most amazing" in the UK, look no further.

The waterfall in Scotland named one of the 'most spectacular' in the UK

The National: It is a 12 mile long return trip to the Falls of Glomach.It is a 12 mile long return trip to the Falls of Glomach. (Image: Getty)

The waterfall in Scotland named one of the "most spectacular" in the UK was the Falls of Glomach in the Highlands.

Discussing the extraordinary sight, Country Walking magazine said: "These take a bit of reaching – a 12-mile return trip through a remote estate that will take you most of a day. But the rewards are wild Highland landscapes, and one of the tallest and most spectacular waterfalls in Britain.

"The Falls of Glomach are 113 metres high and the name Glomach means hazy, due to the mist that often surrounds its powerful plummet. It drops so far into a deep gorge that it’s not possible to see the bottom from the main lookout – to do so requires a precarious descent down an exposed path.

"The main path to the falls starts at the National Trust for Scotland’s Kintail & Morvich Estate."

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It should be noted that much of the terrain leading up to and surrounding the waterfall can be dangerous with the Walk Highlands website warning of "very steep" ground on "often slippery rocks above a big drop".

Those without "a head for heights" should avoid taking a walk to this waterfall.