A POPULAR wild swimming spot in Scotland has been named among the best in the UK for those wanting to "take a dip" in some of the country's most beautiful surroundings.

The location was revealed in a recent list featuring spots like Lower Dddwili Falls (Brecon Beacons) and Kailpot Crag in the Lake District.

Speaking of the list, Country Living said: "There's nothing better than a refreshing dip when the weather heats up. For those of us who love the great outdoors, plus a spot of breaststroke, wild swimming is the perfect option.

"Luckily for us, the UK has a plethora of places to enjoy wild swimming, from hidden in-land beaches to mystical, blue-watered lagoons."

The National: The Skye Fairy Pools in Scotland were among the UK's best wild swimming spots.The Skye Fairy Pools in Scotland were among the UK's best wild swimming spots. (Image: Getty)

See the Scottish wild swimming spot named among the best in the UK

The Skye Fairy Pools located on the Isle of Skye were named among the UK's best wild swimming spots, coming in at number seven on the Country Living list.

The pools are described as a "natural waterfall phenomenon in Glen Brittle" which have "vivid aqua blue" waters.

The area also hosts a variety of animals including red deer, rabbits and sheep.

In recent years, this area has become incredibly popular among tourists with the number of visitors doubling between 2015 and 2019.

See the full list of top wild swimming spots in the UK

  1. Blue Lagoon (Pembrokeshire)
  2. Gaddings Dam (West Yorkshire)
  3. Kailpot Crag (Lake District)
  4. River Dart (Devon)
  5. Lower Dddwili Falls (Brecon Beacons)
  6. Goldiggins Quarry (Cornwall)
  7. Skye Fairy Pools (Isle of Skye)

How to stay safe when wild swimming

Like many outdoor activities, wild swimming carries with it a number of risks. Here are some safety tips to follow.

  • Avoid swimming alone - always go with a partner
  • Never ignore warning signs
  • Be aware of your swimming ability 
  • Don't dive into the water
  • Consider wearing goggles
  • Keep your head above the water if you have concerns about the cleanliness
  • Be mindful of the water temperature
  • Do not kick or thrash if you encounter weeds or other underwater obstructions - You should instead stay as calm as possible and slow your swimming speed down.

Everything said about the locations can be found on the Country Living website.