AN SNP MP has clashed with a BBC Scotland presenter ahead of another debate on a ceasefire in Gaza.

During her appearance on Good Morning Scotland, SNP MP Dr Philippa Whitford discussed the chaos in the Commons during last week’s debate on a ceasefire.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle took the decision to break with “long-established convention” as he allowed a debate on a Labour amendment to an SNP opposition-day motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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He said the decision was taken in party due to fears over MPs safety, but has continued to face pressure over his position.

The SNP have now reached out to opposition parties in a bid to create consensus ahead of another debate on a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Asked by BBC presenter why the SNP were campaigning to have another debate on a ceasefire “if this discussion is making the situation worse for people”.

“Why do you need to discuss it again? The Labour amendment went through on Wednesday and it calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The wording is slightly different from your ceasefire motion but it went through,” host Laura Maxwell said.

Whitford hit back and replied: “So you’re suggesting that actually if there are difficult situations, Parliament shouldn’t discuss them.”

Maxwell then interrupted to say that wasn’t what she was saying and once again asked why another vote was needed.

Whitford could be heard saying “hang on Laura” before she continued: “The UK is selling arms to Israel. It has defunded UNRWA which is the most important organisation, humanitarian organisation within Gaza.

“So my understanding is that the further debate will be talking about what power does the UK have. They’ve been abstaining in the UN Security Council.

“So this is actually to look at moving that debate on. At least the achievement of last Wednesday, setting all the chaos aside is that we have Labour using the word ceasefire for the first time and we have all three major parties and indeed I’m sure others agreeing that an invasion of Rafah would be absolutely catastrophic with the majority of the Gaza population now squeezed in there.”

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The SNP have also called for a full investigation new revelations which they say prove the Labour Party deliberately sought to wreck the SNP’s motion.

During an interview with Channel 4, Labour MP Chris Bryant admitted he was ordered to filibuster to block progress on the SNP’s motion for a ceasefire.