ANAS Sarwar has been called out by the SNP for an “entirely untrue" claim made in a BBC interview ahead of a ceasefire motion in Westminster this week.

Speaking with presenter Martin Geissler, the Scottish Labour leader said that Labour whips had made contact with SNP whips ahead of the vote.

“I know our whips have already made contact with SNP whips to say, ultimately, we both want the same thing," Sarwar said. "We both want the violence to stop right now.”

Sarwar made a similar comment at a press huddle at the party’s conference in Glasgow on Saturday.

Sarwar was asked about the distance between Scottish Labour and the UK party. He said: “I would suggest there’s probably no distance at all now. We’ve had repeated calls – from [shadow foreign secretary] David Lammy in recent days that he wants to fighting to stop right now.

“I know our whips have been in contact with the SNP whips to have a discussion about how we can unify around a motion and back a ceasefire."

But SNP chief whip Owen Thompson said it was “entirely untrue” that contact had been made.

The MP for Midlothian wrote on Twitter/X: “[Martin Geissler,] just listening to your interview with @AnasSarwar on #SundayShow.

"He claims Labour whips are discussing ceasefire vote with SNP whips. As SNP chief whip I can say this is entirely untrue as there has been no contact with me.”

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Geissler read out Thompson's message on air after Sarwar's claims had been broadcast.

The claim and Thompson’s rejection of it has led to multiple comments from SNP MPs, MSPs and ministers.

“That’s the duplicity you get with @UKLabour and it’s Branch Office ‘up the road’,” tweeted MP Steven Bonnar.

SNP MSP Tom Arthur added: “There is a pattern here. Whether it's on Gaza, tax, or banker's bonuses, Anas Sarwar contradicts himself, U-turns, or just makes stuff up to get through an interview or a speech.

"It's the behaviour of a spokesperson taking orders rather than a leader thinking for themselves.”

In a letter sent to Starmer on Sunday, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said there had been no discussions, but offered to open them.

He wrote: "During the course of the Labour Party conference in Scotland, Anas Sarwar MSP publicly stated that the Labour Party would seek to hold discussions with our party ahead of the vote this Wednesday. He repeated that claim live on air during BBC Scotland’s ‘Sunday Show’ this morning. For clarity, as of now, we have not had any contact with anyone in the Labour Party seeking such a discussion.

"However, in the absence of contact from any of your Labour Party colleagues, I am now writing to make clear that I am of course willing to have such a discussion.

"Given the importance of this issue – literally a discussion on life and death – the very least the public would expect is that the leaders of the SNP and the Labour Party at Westminster can sit down and have a discussion on this ceasefire motion."

Scottish Labour have been approached for comment.