The National:

SCOTTISH Labour leader Anas Sarwar may not be winning over any of the electorate with his speech this year - due to technical difficulties ...

As the beloved leader was due to come to the stage, Scottish Labour shared their livestreams on both Twitter/X and YouTube.

When Sarwar began speaking, the party had ZERO viewers on Twitter/X and 88 on YouTube. A decent chunk of whom were probably journalists ...

Twitter/X registered six in the middle of the speech, but by the end, sadly, it had given up showing Sarwar altogether and the broadcast was barely operating.

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Those who weren't able to catch the footage missed quite a show...

Sarwar came onto and left the stage of the party's annual conference to a song by Sia (???) and possibly said "change matters" more than anyone else in a one-hour period.

The MSP was seen crossing the stage as "Unstoppable" by Sia was played in the SEC in Glasgow.

The song opens with: 

I'll smile, I know what it takes to fool this town
I'll do it 'til the sun goes down and all through the night time
Oh, yeah

Later, it says: "Oh, yeah, I'll tell you what you wanna hear".

How apt.

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Michael Shanks MP welcomed Sarwar to the stage after saying he was "delighted" to have "doubled the size of the Scottish Labour parliamentary party" in Westminster

Shanks joined the only other Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray after the party's by-election win in Rutherglen. So just to be absolutely clear, that's one MP ... to two.