THE semi-finals and finals of the Scottish Curling Championship will no longer be streamed on BBC Sport, the governing body of curling in Scotland has said.

Scottish Curling posted on social media that the organisation was " disappointed" to be told by the BBC that the showings will be cut due to a revisal of advertising guidance for "undue prominence".

Scotland is currently both European and World champions in the Men's standings of the sport. The final takes place today with the Women's rink at 11am, and Men's rink at 4pm.

The body also told fans that Curling Stadium Europe have offered a reduced price to stream for UK views following the announcement.

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The statement said: "We have been notified by BBC Sport they are no longer able to stream the semi-finals and finals of the Scottish Curling Championships 2024. This is due to BBC Sport reviewing editorial guidelines on 'Undue Prominence'.

"We are all disappointed by this news. The BBC informed us of this at around 5pm today.

"Whilst hugely disappointing to not have the championships streamed on the BBC, you are still able to view every match via the outstanding Curling Stadium Europe website who have delivered a great service this week.

"Upon hearing this news we are grateful to Curling Stadium Europe and their flexibility to offer a reduced price for viewers in the UK to gain access for both the semi-final and finals.

"Play-off and tournament passes are available directly from and we hope you are able to access the service of you haven’t already."

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The group added that there is a number of seats still available in the arena in Dumfries and "we would love to see and hear you backing the teams".

When asked for comment on the decision, a BBC spokesperson said: "BBC Scotland is very committed to covering curling and highlighting this sport and has done so for many years.

"This difficult decision was taken because of undue prominence of sponsorship in this weekend’s event and was in no way a comment on the standing of the sport."

An SNP MP reacted to the news on Twitter/X and told followers that he will be seeking a meeting with the BBC over their decision.

Writing on social media, SNP MP Gavin Newlands said: "This is extremely disappointing news. The @APPGScotSport previously investigated the broadcast of Scottish sport outside football and rugby. At that time, the BBC launched their sport streaming service and cited curling as one of their successes. I'll be seeking a meeting with them."

In the broadcasters editorial guidelines for staff, it states: "It is important to avoid undue prominence in the use of props or services in programmes (both visually and verbally) whether they have been provided free or at reduced cost or purchased.

"We must not give undue prominence to commercial products or services.

"We must not  endorse or appear to endorse any commercial organisation, its products, activities, brands, slogans or services.

"References to trade marks, brand names, logos or slogans are only acceptable if clearly editorially justifiable.

"We must not linger on brand names or logos and use verbal references sparingly unless there are very strong editorial reasons for repeated references to a brand."

It comes after Scots called for wider broadcast coverage and promotion of national events following the “frustrating” lack of attention given to Scotland’s victory at the Men’s Curling World Championship.

Scottish sports journalist Alison Walker who had covered the event from Canada said at the time that she feels she is “constantly fighting the corner for coverage of all sport in Scotland” except football and rugby.