SCOTS have called for wider broadcast coverage and promotion of national events following the “frustrating” lack of attention given to Scotland’s victory at the Men’s Curling World Championship.

Scotland were crowned curling world champions for the first time since 2009 in what was described as the "old firm of curling" against Canada.

At the World Men's Curling Championship in Canada, the Scottish team claimed a 9-3 win.

The team, which shot at 96.5% overall accuracy, was led by Captain Bruce Mouat and will bring home the world gold to the home of curling.

However, Scots were less than impressed with the coverage of the team’s win from at-home mainstream outlets, considering the international recognition the victory is gaining.

It wasn’t just fans who were disappointed. Scottish sports journalist Alison Walker who had covered the event from Canada for the last 12 days said she feels she is “constantly fighting the corner for coverage of all sport in Scotland” except football and rugby.

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Walker, who has more than 20 years of experience working with the BBC in television and radio, now freelances and was covering the championship as a reporter and commentator for World Curling TV. She was credited by Scots online as the only reason they even knew about the championship.

Speaking to The National, she said: “I’m so glad my efforts at tweeting aren’t wasted. The lack of coverage on curling really gets to me when we have such success there and the athletes work so hard and are such great people with inspiring stories.

“They are hugely respected and admired in Canada and to an extent would be in Scotland - if folk knew about it. It’s not about money either. It would’ve cost broadcasters very little to show more of Bruce [Mouat]’s journey.

“The World Curling Federation are the host broadcaster, and the ‘feed’ is offered around the world.

“Every one of Bruce’s games was available- so I feel the question should be asked of BBC Scotland, BBC network, STV, Sky Sports. It’s very frustrating.”

The public took to social media to air their frustriation too. Following the win, Geoff Aberdein, a former political advisor commented: “Our men’s curling team are world champions - a stunning achievement! But surely, I can’t be alone in being hugely frustrated at lack of broadcast coverage or promotion for such a big occasion?”

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Aberdein doesn’t seem to be the only one. Campaign group, Keep Scotland the Brand, which promotes Scotland's global identity as a quality producer congratulated the team on the “superb win”, but suggested Scots should be able to watch and hear of Scotland’s achievements on TV rather than online.

The group said: “Mebbe one of these days we'll be able to #keepScotlandtheBrand and watch Scotland’s world class sportsmen and women compete on our national freeview TV channels.

"But, for now, we celebrate online.”

John Snowden, 71, shared an article from the World Curling website and tweeted: “For those that missed the few seconds clip on BBC this morning Scotland’s curlers are World Champions. Their minute or so ‘Scottish news’ failed to mention it at all. “

He then asked: “When will Scots get a morning news programme of our own?”

Snowden, retired from Penicuik, said: “Scotland needs its own morning news programmes rather than the couple of minutes allocated by London.”