FOOTAGE has emerged of a pro-Palestine protester confronting Angela Rayner during a Labour Party fundraiser.

While speaking at an event in Stockport, the deputy leader of the Labour Party was confronted by a protester who told her he had “lost his family” in Gaza.

He was then escorted out the room as he questioned why Rayner was not “demanding a ceasefire”.

Another protester was also filmed at the back of the hall and could be heard saying to Rayner: “15,000 women and children dead Angela Rayner and you tout yourself as a modern day feminist, I don’t think so.

“Women having to use scraps, tents for sanitary towels. Where’s your voice Angela? Call yourself a feminist. I really don’t think so.”

A third protester then also appeared and confronted shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds, but Rayner interjected and told the person: “You’ve made your point.”

Prior to leaving, the woman at the back of the room added: “25,000 people dead Angela and rising.”

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Both were then heard shouting “shame, shame on all of you” as Police and security staff escorted them from the room.

One of the protesters could be heard telling police “you’re hurting me” as they tried to get them to leave.

The protest comes as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to deliver its highly anticipated verdict on South Africa’s genocide case against Israel.

Reuters has reported the verdict will be made around midday in a hearing that is expected to last around an hour.

The Labour Party have come in for criticism for their stance on a ceasefire in the Middle East since war first broke out last October, with Keir Starmer refusing to call for one.

It has led to division within the party with more than 50 Labour MPs backing the SNP’s call for a ceasefire back in November.

Last week, we told how a former Labour MP described the stance as “shameful”.