ALL passenger and freight train services in Scotland are to be suspended due to dangerous weather conditions, Network Rail has confirmed. 

From 7pm on Sunday January 21 no trains will operate on Scotland's railways as concern grows about the potential damage set to be caused by Storm Isha. 

The Met Office has placed an amber weather alert across the entirety of Scotland due to potential "danger to life" risks, with winds of up to 90mph expected to arrive on Sunday evening. 

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In a statement, Network Rail said it had made the decision due to concerns about public safety.

"Our weather specialists confirm the forecast has worsened, with a high likelihood of damage to Scotland’s Railway," a spokesperson said. 

"All passenger and freight services will be suspended from 19:00, with trains still on the network completing journeys under speed restriction.

"Lines will remain closed on Monday morning.

"Each route must be inspected by our engineers for damage and fallen trees/debris, which means it will be later on Monday before any trains can run. We will of course keep you up to date on our progress.

"This decision has been made to keep passengers and our people safe. The @MetOffice have warned that the storm will have a high impact, damaging buildings, homes, power networks, and transport infrastructure. Power cuts may occur and flying debris will also be a risk." 

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Forecasters have warned that flying debris, power cuts, damage to buildings, falling trees and even flooding are all to be expected. 

ScotRail also confirmed that there will be no rush hour service on Monday morning. 

A statement read: "All services across the country will be suspended from 19:00 tonight and there will be no rush hour services on Monday morning, as the extreme weather from Storm Isha arrives.

"Following further reviews, Network Rail has taken the decision to close the railway to passenger services during the worst of the weather.

"Customers should note than any trains that depart prior to 19.00 will complete their journey and line closures will continue into Monday. Each route will have to undergo a safety inspection, which means it will be later on Monday before any trains can run.

"Customers whose journey has been cancelled or disrupted due to adverse weather can travel two days after the date on their ticket, or also apply for a refund on any unused tickets."