POLICE Scotland has issued a warning as Scotland braces for the arrival of Storm Isha.

An amber warning for wind has been declared across the southern half of Scotland, south of Stirling from 6pm on Sunday afternoon (January 21) until 9am on Monday morning (January 22).

Very high winds are expected on Sunday which could impact transport services and present challenging conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. It could also lead to restrictions and closures across roads and bridges.

Rain impacts will also result in increased road surface spray making visibility difficult, police warned - adding that there is a high risk of disruption. 

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A yellow warning for wind will also be in place for the whole of Scotland from midday on Sunday. Additional yellow warnings for rain have also been issued for central Scotland up to Inverness and also for southern Scotland for Sunday into Monday.

Full information on the warnings is available on the Met Office website.

The National: Further weather warnings have been issued as an Arctic blast hits Britain (Martin Rickett/PA)

Chief Superintendent Hilary Sloan, Police Scotland’s head of road policing, said: “The amber warning for high winds means that there is a strong likelihood of disruption on the road network and as such, motorists are advised to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary travel where possible.

“If you do require to make a journey, then consider delaying until the weather conditions improve. However, if this is not possible then please ensure both you and your vehicle are suitably equipped to deal with the conditions you could face.

“Make sure your vehicle has sufficient fuel and is completely roadworthy, with tyre pressure and tread meeting legal requirements.

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"Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged in the event you need to call for assistance and if it is likely you may be within your vehicle for long periods of time, take additional clothing and water with you.

“Please do not ignore any road signage advising of changes to speed or closures to routes. These are in place for your safety and the safety of other road users and listen out for media broadcasts about the weather and how it may be impacting travel.

“Further information of the weather and road closures can be found by visiting the Met Office, Ready Scotland and Traffic Scotland websites and social media accounts.”