The National:

IT might be a new year but it’s same old, same old from the Tories who, as ever, have their priorities well and truly in order.

Kicking off 2024 in style, Jake Berry, the MP for Rossendale and Darwen and a former chair of the Tory Party, has taken to Twitter/X to get people’s thoughts on the most crucial issue of all.

In a video posted on his social media, former UK minister "Sir Jake" said: “Just been to Tesco in Haslingden with my kids and there’s already Easter eggs in stock!!!

“What is going on!! Let me know down below if you think Easter is coming too early?”

Berry stressed in the video that he did not want to be a “complete and utter killjoy” but that he had spotted Easter eggs while “running the gauntlet” at the supermarket.

While some chose to engage with Berry, others took to Twitter/X to point out the Tories might want to think about some of the other issues they’re facing.

“There are no other important issues for the party of Government to deal with,” joked one social media user.

“This dude has clearly never been to a supermarket in January,” said a second person, while a third added that “this happens every year” before pointing out constituents may have more pressing issues on their mind.

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Perhaps the Tories are so out of touch, they’re just beginning to forget about the cost of living crisis.

The comments didn’t end there, with comedian Sooz Kempner writing: “Tory MPs with overturnable majorities are pulling out the big guns for 2024!!!!

“Yes that’s right, it’s time to decide whether having Easter eggs in the supermarkets already is a big problem. Labour says no I guess.”

Journalist Harry Wallop took to Twitter/X to explain Cadbury starts selling Creme Eggs from Boxing Day onwards – something it has done “since at least the 1990s”.

“Any ‘outrage’ is entirely confected and a pathetic attempt to manufacture a culture war where none exists.”

Even Tory politicians had little time for Berry's antics. Daniel Finkelstein, a Conservative peer, wrote: "The availability of products in supermarkets should be primarily determined by what people wish to buy and what shops judge the most profitable use of shelf space. Rather than whether MPs think it’s the right time of year. That is a centre right view."

The Jouker just hopes that nobody was thinking a new year would mean a new-look Tory party.

It would seem they’re just exactly the same.