The National:

MICHELLE Mone and Neil Oliver were in the crosshairs of a satirical sketch show from one of the creators of Still Game.

Greg Hemphill – who is best known for co-creating the much loved sitcom alongside Ford Kiernan – joined forces with Burnistoun writer Robert Florence for the Hogmanay comedy programme.

Shown on BBC Scotland ahead of the bells, Queen of the New Year took aim at some of the biggest news stories of 2023.

Baroness Mone was early in the firing line with a sketch depicting her as a Christmas Grinch, sneaking into a family’s home to steal their presents while wrapped in her ermine cloak.

“Off she dashed, having stolen their cheer, expect nothing less from an old Tory peer.”

Given that Mone has spent New Year’s Day frantically posting on social media about how her and her husband Douglas Barrowman are actually victims, she won’t have liked that one bit. Who knows, maybe she can threaten to sue.

The Queen of the New Year sketch show also took aim at Neil Oliver – the history presenter-turned-GB News conspiracy peddler – and his commentary featuring on Glasgow tour buses.

A couple get on the tour bus noting how they liked Oliver in “Coast”, and stumble off two hours later shouting about the “illuminati” and a “new world order”. Seems about right.

The Traitors, Taylor Swift, Just Stop Oil, Banksy, and an “aff the work” Nicola Sturgeon partying in a campervan were also the targets of sketches in the Scots comics' Hogmanay show.

Responding to one social media user sharing clips of the programme online, Florence wrote: “Perfect New Year’s Day viewing! Thanks for the kind response to the show this year. Hopefully see youse again!”

You can watch Queen of the New Year in full on the BBC iPlayer.