MICHELLE Mone's  husband has issued a new statement as coverage over the PPE controversy surrounding the couple continues.

In a statement of more than 1000 words published on Monday, Douglas Barrowman looked to turn the debate on to what he said were failures by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) during its PPE procurement.

It comes after Mone and Barrowman appeared on the Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show on December 17 to claim they had been made “scapegoats” for the UK Government’s wider failings over PPE supply in the pandemic.

The formerly Tory peer admitted she made an “error” in publicly denying her links to the PPE Medpro firm being investigated by the National Crime Agency.

On New Year's Day, a statement, published on Twitter/X, was shared by Mone with the caption: "A statement from my husband Doug Barrowman on PPE Medpro and the truth about what has happened to us."

It states: "My family and I have been treated like a punchbag by the media for the past three years. We have received death-threats and a constant torrent of online and other abuse. This cannot continue and the British public need to know the facts."

Barrowman proceeded to put forward his account of his dealings with PPE Medpro and the UK Government financially and legally, stating: "I understand why the British public feel angry but the anger should not be directed at Michelle or I."

He branded it “simply unacceptable” that the UK Covid-19 Inquiry is not scheduled to review pandemic PPE procurement until 2025 – after a General Election expected to take place this year.

“The stark reality is that DHSC has brought this claim against Medpro at a time of increased scrutiny of how it overspent by so much and when questions were being asked as to why the Government was writing off £9 billion of PPE out of the £13.1 billion spent,” he said.

“How on Earth did the UK Government manage to purchase five years of PPE when it was only supposed to build up four months of stock?

“Yet no-one has been held accountable at DHSC. Its head, Sir Chris Wormald [permanent secretary to the DHSC] should resign, since ultimately he signed off all the PPE contracts.

“So rather than focus on the real story here, it suits the agenda of the Government and their media spin doctors to scapegoat my wife and I for their own lamentable failures.”

It adds: "Michelle and I are being hung out to dry to distract attention from government incompetence in how it handled PPR procurement at time of national emergency."

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The statement goes on: "We have explained the position on the BBC. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but Michelle and her kids were not entitled to any of that money. How I choose to organise my personal finance affairs is not a matter of public debate ..."

This is in reference to the fact that around £60m in profit from the deals – with PPE Medpro also netting an £88m contract for face masks – remains in Barrowman’s financial trusts, of which Mone is a beneficiary.

The two-page letter concludes: "This dispute should be determined in the civil courts, it is not a criminal case and we should certainly not be judged guilty by the Govt or its media spin-masters before there has been a full and fair presentation of the facts."

Mone previously claimed she is being treated like Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar after having her bank accounts frozen.

Barrowman repeated his claim that ministers were “using the arm of the NCA to threaten criminal proceedings unless we settle” the civil case.

He said it was “curious” that “out of 176 disputed contracts to a value of £2.7 billion, no-one else, other than Medpro, is being litigated against”, and he said the firm is “confident of success” in the legal dispute.

A DHSC spokesperson said: “We do not comment on ongoing legal cases.”

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Labour leader Keir Starmer has called for Mone to be expelled from the House of Lords following the admission that she lied over her links to Medpro.

The fresh statement from Barrowman appears to have been prompted by an upcoming article by Dan Neidle, a tax expert whose investigation into the financial affairs of Nadhim Zahawi saw the MP sacked as Conservative Party chairman.

Neidle said Barrowman had not addressed in his statement that he had “lied about his connection to PPE Medpro”.

Lawyers for the couple had initially told the press they had ”no role or function in PPE Medpro”.

Neidle, the founder of Tax Policy Associates, speculated any failure by Barrowman to inform Companies House of his role with PPE Medpro could be considered an offence.

He wrote on X: “Barrowman is shameless, and so confident that the rules won’t be enforced, that even now – when he admits his role – he still hasn’t corrected the Companies House entry for PPE Medpro.

“Companies House, the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and the police have a choice.

“Prosecute Barrowman and his team for a breach that was both blatant and impactful. Or get ready for absolutely everyone to ignore these rules. Because rules that are never enforced may as well not exist.”