SCOTLAND could be hit with snow this weekend as a second storm could potentially strike just days after the chaos caused by Storm Gerrit.

Thousands were left without power this week and some homes were still cut off on Friday morning.

Met Office forecasters have said “treacherous conditions” could hit Scotland on Saturday bringing gusts of up to 60mph and 20cm of snow on northern hills.

The weather front could lead to a further winter storm, set to be named Storm Henk, according to senior meteorologist Jim Dale of the British Weather Services.

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He told the i newspaper the storm could bring “ferocious” winds and “may cause far more chaos” than Storm Gerrit.

“I encourage anyone travelling on New Year’s Eve to do so sooner rather than later on Sunday as these winds will be ferocious,” he said.

Meanwhile, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned this “powerful system” could bring similar heavy rainfall to Storm Gerrit as well as “very significant snow” when it reaches Scotland.

Speaking about the forecast, he said: “Storm Gerrit is moving away by this stage, but another lowest forming out of the Atlantic again picked up by a powerful Jetstream and deepening rapidly as it approaches Ireland and the UK during Friday night and into Saturday.

“So the recipe is there once again for some substantial snow over northern hills predominantly.

“But across Scotland, certainly over the southern uplands and then into the Highlands and Grampians, some very significant snow building up through Saturday, 20cm plus over the tops of the mountains.

“So once again some treacherous conditions with the wind, rain and hills to content with on Saturday. Tricky day for travelling in many places certainly.”

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The Met Office has also warned New Year’s Eve could be wet and windy, with heavy rain forecast across much of the UK.

Cold temperatures are expected in Scotland with milder conditions predicted in southern UK areas.

It comes after a “major incident” had to be declared in Scotland due to Storm Gerrit, with a string of weather warnings issued on Wednesday.