THE third and final season of a smash hit Amazon TV is set to begin filming in Scotland in the near future.

Good Omens, which stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen, has been renewed for season three, it was announced on Thursday.

The show, which is based on a story co-created by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, had initially been commissioned as a stand-alone series.

However, a second season was commissioned after the success of the first, and Gaiman revealed he and Pratchett had discussed a possible sequel before the latter’s death in 2015.

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The show, a joint venture between Amazon and the BBC, sees demon Crowley (played by Tennant) and angel Aziraphale (Sheen) team up to prevent armageddon as they have become too comfortable in their lives on earth.

Gaiman said in a statement released alongside Amazon’s renewal announcement: “I’m so happy finally to be able to finish the story Terry and I plotted in 1989 and in 2006.

“Terry was determined that if we made ‘Good Omens’ for television, we could take the story all the way to the end.

“Season one was all about averting Armageddon, dangerous prophecies, and the end of the world. Season two was sweet and gentle, although it may have ended less joyfully than a certain angel and demon might have hoped."

Gaiman (below) added: “Now in season three, we will deal once more with the end of the world. The plans for armageddon are going wrong. Only Crowley and Aziraphale working together can hope to put it right. And they aren’t talking.”

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Amazon MGM Studios head of television Vernon Sanders said: “‘Good Omens’ has checked every box for a clever, witty, and funny comedy that not only made it a success on Prime Video, but also made ‘goodness’ watchable and fun thanks to Neil and Terry’s immense creativity.

“The final season is sure to be packed with the same dynamic energy that our global customers have come to enjoy.”

The second season filmed in locations in Scotland including Bathgate, Edinburgh, and Stirling.

Fans spotted one nod to independence during a scene shot in Stirling’s Old Town Cemetery, which saw Sheen’s angel Aziraphale turn a Union flag to a Saltire.