The National:

PENNY Mordaunt appears to have stolen the anti-SNP musical stylings of a Tory councillor in Glasgow.

During her latest appearance at Business Questions, Mordaunt was once again asked by SNP MP Deidre Brock whether the partners of British citizens currently living in the UK face deportation if they don’t earn over certain amount.

Last week, the Home Office announced that the minimum income requirement for a spouse or family visa will be raised from £18,600 to £38,700 next year.

Brock said: “It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill but so many of our constituents are now deeply concerned and frightened by this announcement.

“So, I’ll ask again on their behalf. If the spouse or partner of a British citizen is currently living in the UK on a leave to remain visa, could they be deported if their salaries are less than £38,700? Yes or no?”

Unsurprisingly, Mordaunt once again failed to answer the question and said more information would be provided in the new year.

She then launched into a tirade about the SNP evidently inspired by Glasgow city councillor John Daly, who last week penned his own version of 12 Days of Christmas.

Always keen to plagiarise a bad idea, Mordaunt stole Daly’s format and wrote her own equally unhinged lyrics.

“I think we should have a festive round-up, Mr Speaker, on SNP morality,” she said.

“12 hours of police questioning, 11 grand roaming charges, 10 years without school inspections, 9 sham embassies, 8 years of poor child mental health, 7 years without ferries, 6 years shirking welfare powers, £500 million overspent on Edinburgh’s tram!”

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She continued: “£4 million to install a heat pump, 3 high-profile arrests, 2 overseas jollies and a dodgy Jaguar EV.”

The Jouker has to say that out of the two performances Daly wins in the categories of both conviction and lyrical skill.

Mordaunt already made a splash on reality TV but after this display we don’t imagine The Voice will come calling.

Still, the whole situation goes to show that even when it comes to criticism of the SNP, this Tory government is fresh out of original ideas.

As Brock told The National: “This shows the Tories are out of touch and out of ideas.

"Instead of answering my question, which my constituents and the people of Scotland deserve an answer to, Penny Mordaunt chose to ruin a good Christmas carol.

“It’s grim that whilst people are struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table after thirteen years of Conservative governments, the Tories are spending their time penning their own Christmas carols.”