The National:

A TORY councillor in Glasgow received a round of applause after singing a bizarre anti-SNP version of 12 Days of Christmas during a council meeting.

John Daly, one of only two Conservative councillors in Glasgow, took aim at the SNP by penning his own version of the Christmas classic which, for some reason, listed off a number of failures wrought by his own party.

While seconding a Tory motion on the housing emergency during a full meeting of the council on Friday, Daly said: "In the spirit of the season, given the fact that it is almost Christmas, let's not make the next part of this debate about the following things." 

The Baillieston councillor then proceeded to sing:

“Twelve ‘it’s the Tories’, eleven 'blame Westminster’s’, ten 'underfunding’s', nine ‘not enough powers’, eight ‘it was Covid’, seven 'Boris Johnsons', six 'Cruella Bravermans', five 'Brexit things'!”

He continued: “Four 'Tory austerities', three 'democratic deficits', two 'indyrefs', and a 'Liz Truss at Number 10'.”

Daly, without missing a beat, then attempted to slip into the usual Tory mode of red-faced anger at the SNP while fellow councillors applaud and laugh. 

"Prove me wrong!" he shouted.

"During the next 45 minutes, prove me wrong, and let's have a debate about what this chamber and this council can do!" 

A clip of the strange rendition was posted to social media by Scottish Greens councillor Anthony Carroll.

Carroll said later in his speech that he hoped for the sake of the other Tory councillor, Thomas Kerr, "they have a 'silent night' during their Christmas drinks later".

And Lord Provost Jacqueline McLaren quipped at the end of Daly's song: "I'm just completely stuck for words."