LABOUR lead the SNP in the latest Westminster election polling – published just hours after another poll showing the opposite.

Keir Starmer’s party was on 36%, two points ahead of Humza Yousaf’s at 34%, according to the Redfield and Wilton Strategies’ monthly Scottish politics tracker.

It comes hours after another poll from Ipsos Mori published earlier on Wednesday gave the SNP a 10-point lead on Labour, polling at 40% and 30%, respectively.

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However, the Ipsos Mori poll was carried out between November 20 to 26 – closing just as the Redfield and Wilton poll opened.

The newer poll also showed 48% in favour of independence against 46% opposed. 

The Ipsos poll showed that among those who had made up their minds and were likely to vote 54% were Yes against 46% who would vote No. 

But the poll also showed it was not generally a factor in how people would cast their votes, with just 16% of respondents saying it was in the top three issues which would determine how they cast their ballots at the next election – rising to 29% among people who voted SNP in 2019.

This trails behind the top two priorities which were the economy, with 64% putting this in their top three, and the NHS which was a top priority for 59% of people. 

The National: Humza Yousaf

It also had approval ratings for both Yousaf (above) and Starmer down 10 points, with the First Minister’s net approval rating sitting at minus 14%. The Labour leader’s stood at 1%, just in positive figures.

Rishi Sunak meanwhile had a net approval rating of minus 32%, the lowest figure the monthly tracker has recorded for the Prime Minister, and down 13 points from last month. 

The Scottish Government was rated as being incompetent by 43% of people, up three points from last month, while 25% said it was incompetent. 

Meanwhile, 62% of Scots thought the UK Government was incompetent with just 15% saying it was competent.