SUPPORT for independence is at 54% according to a new poll that puts Yes in the lead.

Ipsos Mori polling shows that among those who would vote in a referendum, 54% would vote Yes in an immediate referendum, while 46% said they would vote No.

The polling also shows the SNP with a 10 point lead over Labour at a Westminster General Election.

Meanwhile, 61% think Scottish Health Secretary Michael Matheson should resign over the issue of his data roaming bill. 

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In the latest Scottish Political Monitor, run by Ipsos Mori and STV News, the SNP remains the dominant party in Scotland and support for independence remains strong at 54%. 

Voter preferences at a Westminster General Election remain similar to a previous Ipsos poll in May, with the SNP at 40% (-1) while Labour are on 30% (+1). 

Elsewhere, the Conservatives are on 15% (-2), LibDems on 6%, Greens on 3% and Other on 5% (+2). 

The poll also revealed voting intention for the Scottish Parliament, where the SNP also have a healthy lead over Scottish Labour at the constituency level, at 12 points. 

The National:

Figures again remain broadly similar to a previous poll in May, with the SNP on 39% (-3), Scottish Labour at 27% (-1) and the Tories on 15% (-2).

Meanwhile, the LibDems are on 8%, the Scottish Greens on 4% and Other on 6% (+4).

The SNP also lead Labour by seven points on the regional list for voting intention, at 33% (-2). 

Scottish Labour polls at 26% (-1), the Tories on 15% (-2), Greens on 10% (-2), LibDems on 8% and Other 7% (+2). 

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In 2021, the SNP polled 47.7% on the constituency list, eight points higher than the current polling. 

The polling also asked Scots if they think that the Health Secretary should resign over his parliamentary iPad data roaming bill, and a majority believe that he should.

Holyrood authorities are currently investigating whether or not the Cabinet Secretary broke the ministerial code over the row.

And, 61% of Scots say Matheson should stand down from his post, with more SNP voters from 2021 stating that he should resign - 52% - than that he should continue in the job - 44%. 

The National:

Unsurprisingly, 72% of 2021 Scottish Labour voters and 74% of 2021 Scottish Tory voters said Matheson should resign. 

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar was the only Scottish politician to return a positive popularity rating (+3), while First Minister Humza Yousaf has a net satisfaction rating of -13. 

Emily Gray, managing director of Ipsos in Scotland, commented: “The Labour Party continues to face a political challenge in Scotland.

"Although the party has made strides in Scotland under Sarwar and Starmer, including the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election win in October, this latest poll finds that they remain 10 points behind the SNP when it comes to General Election voting intention.

"Although Humza Yousaf’s party have been having a difficult time of late, with controversy over Michael Matheson’s parliamentary iPad data roaming bill of almost £11,000, they remain out in front when it comes to voter preferences for both Westminster and Holyrood elections.”