FORMER diplomat Craig Murray has said he has had his Twitter account hacked.

Posting from an account called @craigmurrayactually, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan explained that his old account had been hacked and renamed. 

He added that it was impersonating somebody else named Matt Huang. 

Writing on Twitter/X, Murray said: “This is Craig Murray. My account @craigmurrayorg was hacked at 18.04 today (Thursday).

“The hacker immediately sent out a gross antisemitic tweet, then quickly deleted it. The hacker then renamed the account @matthuag.”

The National:

In a separate post, Murray added: “They have now set up a new @craigmurrayorg account WHICH ALSO IS NOT ME.

“I have reported all to Twitter support but last time this happened it took weeks to recover my account.

“That this all happens after the state confiscated my electronic devices is… interesting.”

The biography on the account @craigmurrayorg reads: “Craig Murray holding account. This is a temporary account to secure journalist Craig Murray’s username after a hack on November 9.

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“Normal service will resume.”

It comes after we previously told how Murray had said he was in Switzerland “seeking the protection of the United Nations”.

He had previously told The National how he had been detained at Glasgow Airport and questioned by border police for an hour.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said at the time: “We have received a number of complaints and officers are carrying out enquiries.”