A “FAR-RIGHT” author has been called out after an attack on Scotland’s First Minister – who he accused of having “infiltrated” the country’s political system.

Douglas Murray, the author of the War on the West and associate editor at The Spectator, has been vocally anti-Islam – and said that Europe is “committing suicide” by allowed non-European immigration into the bloc.

In a video podcast with The Rubin Report – a conservative US political talk show – Murray took aim at Humza Yousaf, particularly his response to the crisis in Gaza.

“He’s married to a Palestinian,” Murray tells the interviewer, before describing Nadia El-Nakla as a “nasty piece of work”.

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“Humza Yousaf, as far as I can see, is not the First Minister of Scotland,” he says.

“He’s become the First Minister of Gaza, or an ambassador for Gaza, or something like that.”

The writer goes on: “But people like Humza Yousaf, I say it carefully, have infiltrated our system. He does not seem to be much bothered by the situation of the Scottish people, or the people of Glasgow who have one of the lowest life expectancies not just in Britain but anywhere in Europe.

“He does not seem to care about that or if he does, he does nothing about it. But my word if you look at his social media proclamations … you would think that he was indeed First Minister of Gaza.

“This is a problem that the Scots must sort out, the Scottish electorate must sort out, indeed the British electorate must sort out.”

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Unionist campaign group The Majority shared the post, quoting the writer’s comments about the SNP leader.

Criticism of Murray was widespread. Presenter Matthew Stadlen wrote: “No, Douglas Murray, you totem of the far right, Humza Yousaf was democratically elected as First Minister of Scotland.”

“Disgusting and inane, like Murray himself,” added journalist David Jamieson.

“Disgusting prejudice (again) from Douglas Murray,” Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain added.

The comments follow a post by Elon Musk, the world’s richest man worth an estimated $220.8 billion, over a speech in which the FM pointed out many of the major figures in Scottish public life were white.

Musk responded to a clip of Yousaf’s speech, saying: “What a blatant racist!”

In the speech, made when he was justice secretary, Yousaf highlighted the dominance of white people in positions of power in Scottish society. 

A spokesperson for the First Minister hit back at the time, calling on the Twitter/X owner to tackle the “racism and hatred that goes unchecked on the social media platform he owns”.