A “FAR-RIGHT” author has been condemned for his “racist” comments about Scotland’s First Minister.

Author of the War on the West and associate editor at The Spectator Douglas Murray took aim at Humza Yousaf during his appearance on The Rubin Report.

“He’s married to a Palestinian,” Murray said before describing Nadia El-Nakla as a “nasty piece of work”.

The writer added: “But people like Humza Yousaf, I say it carefully, have infiltrated our system. He does not seem to be much bothered by the situation of the Scottish people, or the people of Glasgow who have one of the lowest life expectancies not just in Britain but anywhere in Europe.

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“He does not seem to care about that or if he does, he does nothing about it. But my word if you look at his social media proclamations … you would think that he was indeed First Minister of Gaza.

“This is a problem that the Scots must sort out, the Scottish electorate must sort out, indeed the British electorate must sort out.”

Many have taken to Twitter/X to condemn Murray for his comments, including National columnist Gerry Hassan.

The National:

He said: “This repugnant from neo-con ultra-right Douglas Murray who likes to fancy himself as a global intellectual but everyday shows his bigotry & bile.”

Elsewhere, actor and GMB host Adil Ray commented: “Why is this not bigger news? This is one of the most racist things ever said about a major leading minister.

“Murray works for some of the biggest media companies in the world. Until this stops, nothing stops.

The National:

“We can’t complain about street chants if the media pays for this.”

Many other users also expressed their anger, with one commenting that it was “absolutely disgusting” - adding that “the enablement of language like this is staggering”.

Others offered support to the First Minister with one saying "you don't deserve to go through that".

Elsewhere, Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain added: “Disgusting prejudice (again) from Douglas Murray.”

Political commentator Matthew Stadlen added: "No, Douglas Murray, you totem of the far right, Humza Yousaf was democratically elected as First Minister of Scotland."

"How can you listen to that and not conclude Douglas Murray lives in his own made up fantasy world," another said.