A CARTOONIST for Private Eye has announced he has quit in a row over its controversial Israel-Hamas war cover.

Zoom Rockman said that he had received a death threat about the cover, which split opinion with a tongue-in-cheek warning that the issue contained “some criticism of the Israeli government and may suggest that killing everyone in Gaza as revenge for Hamas atrocities may not be a good long-term solution to the problems of the region”.

Rockman alleged he had informed bosses at Private Eye but received “no response” when he alerted them to the threat.

In a Twitter/X post, he said: “After 6 years and 137 cartoons published I’ve quit [Private Eye].

“Following their incendiary cover of issue 1609 I received a death threat which I made them aware of and received no response.”

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The post was accompanied with a picture mocking the cover, which said: “This cartoon may contain some criticism of Private Eye.”

In a statement, Private Eye said: "We are very concerned that one of our contributors should have received a death threat and contacted Zoom as soon as we found out.

"We spoke to him at length yesterday. He did not approve of last issue’s cover and no longer wishes to contribute to the magazine. This is entirely up to him but it is a matter of regret for us."