SATIRICAL magazine Private Eye has sparked debate with a controversial cover about the war between Israel and Hamas.

The publication splashed with a “warning” reading: “This magazine may contain some criticism of the Israeli government and may suggest that killing everyone in Gaza as revenge for Hamas atrocities may not be a good long-term solution to the problems of the region.”

It also adapted its masthead so the title of this edition reads: “Private Eye for an eye”.

Social media users were split on the cover, with some suggesting it was antisemitic, while others said it had taken a brave stance against the Israeli government.

The Palestinian region of Gaza is under siege by Israel in retaliation to attacks carried out by Hamas.

David Collier, an investigative journalist specialising in anti-Zionism and antisemitism, hit out at the magazine on Twitter/X writing: “1400 Israelis were slaughtered last week - in one of the worst atrocities imaginable - and this malicious anti-Israel headline is what Private Eye runs with?

“What a vile shitty magazine this is.”

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Israeli media has reported at least 1300 Israelis have been killed since Hamas’s attack on October 7 – while Hamas has reported 3785 Palestinians have been killed in that time.

Julian Jessop, a fellow at the free market think tank Institute of Economic Affairs, added: “FYI, I'll be cancelling my subscription on the back of this. Your implication that Israel is set on 'killing everyone in Gaza' is completely unacceptable.”

There have been concerns raised Israel’s response to the conflict has targeted civilians and some have argued it has amounted to the collective punishment of Palestinians.

On Wednesday, neither the Prime Minister’s nor Keir Starmer’s spokespeople would say whether they believed Israel’s response to be within the bounds of international law.

Others have praised the magazine, with one Twitter/X user writing: “I stand with [magazine editor] Ian Hislop and Private Eye. 

“The fact that a moderate view such as 'is it a proportionate response to carpet bomb a whole region because of the actions of a minority' is such a shocking view IS the problem!

“It’s NOT antisemitic to criticise Israel!”

Another supporter said: “Guess what – it’s time to criticise a satirical magazine [for fuck’s sake], I'm sure we will soon see a smear campaign claiming Ian Hislop is antisemitic.

“Ian Hislop and Private Eye are not antisemitic they just identify hypocrisy wherever it manifests itself.”