ELON Musk has accused Scotland’s First Minister of being a “racist” after watching a viral video of Humza Yousaf discussing racial injustice.

Musk, whose ownership of Twitter/X has been mired in controversy over disinformation and platforming of hate speech, attacked Yousaf on social media on Thursday night.

The world’s richest man was responding to a video posted by an account called “End Wokeness”, which alleged Yousaf “openly despises white people”.

“Why would Scotland’s Parliament and King select a guy who hates almost 100% of the country?” the post read, attaching a short 45-second clip of Yousaf addressing MSPs in 2020.

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The clip has been shared widely over the years as alt-right figures suggest it shows the SNP leader expressing anger over the number of white people in Scotland.

In the video, Yousaf says “most senior positions in Scotland are filled almost exclusively by people who are white” – listing examples like the Lord Justice Clerk, Solicitor General, and other senior figures in political and civic life.

The full speech, which is nearly 10 minutes long, was delivered during a debate on racial injustice in Scotland sparked by global protests over racism following George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin.

Earlier this year a Reuters fact check found that the shortened version of the video was “missing context”.

On Friday night, Musk responded to the clip – which had been viewed more than six million times – writing: “What a blatant racist!”

High-profile Unionist accounts celebrated the intervention, with some calling on Musk to ban Yousaf from Twitter/X altogether.

Supporters of Yousaf stepped in too, with Mikey Stewart writing: “Your reaction is completely wrong. You’ve been baited by a racist.

“The hatred towards Humza for being brown is astonishing. Sort your s*** out.

“Freedom of speech is one thing, but you’re spreading a lie.”

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Musk’s accusations come after Yousaf was featured on the cover of Time Magazine earlier this month, as part of a special on 10 “trailblazers shaping the future”.

The National: First Minister Humza Yousaf arrives on stage to deliver his speech during the SNP annual conference at the Event Complex Aberdeen (TECA) in Aberdeen. Picture date: Tuesday October 17, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story POLITICS SNP. Photo credit should read:

He was highlighted as the first non-white and youngest-ever First Minister, as well as the first Muslim politician to lead a Western democracy.

"I hope it also inspires others, particularly when multiculturalism is portrayed by some as a weakness,” Yousaf said in the interview.

"In Scotland, I am proud we are a welcoming nation and our diversity is seen as one of our greatest strengths."

Yousaf has also spoken on the impact of being targeted by the right on social media, including by US-based far-right figures.

"Being the recipient of online abuse has become a regular feature of my life in public service," he told The Scotsman this summer.

“That doesn't mean we should simply accept it. It is important that we do everything we can to stamp it out."

He added: "I know that the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want to live in a country where all minority groups are not just protected, but accepted for who they are – and as First Minister I’m determined to use the office to help build a country where all of our citizens live a life free from hatred."