POLICE are looking into racist abuse and threats aimed at First Minister Humza Yousaf.

It follows an investigation by The Scotsman into UK video-sharing platform BitChute, which found an upsurge in videos and content targeting Yousaf – including from a well-known US-based white nationalist broadcaster.

Yousaf said he expected “swift action” to remove the “vile” content but added that despite the abuse, this “will never stop me from doing the job I love”.

Police Scotland are investigating the content after receiving a complaint from Yousaf’s office.

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The content targeting the First Minister included various videos by Lana Lokteff, a prominent US-based white nationalist broadcaster, who said Yousaf should stop wearing “a white man’s suit” and “go back to Muslim Pakistan”.

Videos on the site targeting Yousaf have also led to calls to violence in comment sections, including one BitChute user who wrote: “**** Muslims. It time to kill all Muslims and send to hell.”

Yousaf told The Scotsman: “Unfortunately, the sad reality is that I am not shocked by these vile, racist and Islamophobic videos. Being the recipient of online abuse has become a regular feature of my life in public service.

“That doesn't mean we should simply accept it. It is important that we do everything we can to stamp it out. UK-based companies have a duty to protect the public from harmful content and I would expect to see swift action to remove posts like these.

“But I am absolutely clear that abuse and threats like this will never stop me from doing the job I love, or from speaking out for what I believe to be right.

"I know that the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want to live in a country where all minority groups are not just protected, but accepted for who they are – and as First Minister I’m determined to use the office to help build a country where all of our citizens live a life free from hatred."