THE Chain of Freedom is set to be one of the biggest demonstrations for Yes ever organised.

To enhance exposure, organisers and participants have collected endorsements from representatives across the political landscape in the last few months, with some to attend the demonstration.

Whilst it is unclear about Humza Yousaf’s attendance at the grassroots event, the First Minister was asked in August if he had any message for activists.

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Yousaf said: “To all those who are taking part in the Chain of Freedom, I hope it goes really well.

“I've been asked whether I can make it, and of course, I'll be looking at my diary to see if I'm able to do so.

He added: “I think it’ll be a powerful demonstration of the support that there is for our cause, and I think the more we can do around mobilising that support, showing the level of support that we've got for independence, that could only be a good thing, so can I wish all those that are taking part, but importantly who have organised, well in their endeavours.”

Jamie Hepburn MSP

Hepburn, Scotland's independence minister, has confirmed he is planning to attend the event as the route runs through his constituency, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

The National:

Hepburn said: “I really like it as a concept, as a notion – I think symbolism is important, and the demonstration of activity is an important sign of inadvertently saying ‘we’re still here, we’re still campaigning’ so it’s a bit like the rallies and the marches that are happening as well, I do think they are an important part of the equation.

“I’ll be going along and taking part in the Chain of Freedom event, not least because the route runs through my constituency, I’m going along and taking part because it’s an important part of generating interest and showing people that we’re still here. Albeit, the fundamental thing that we must do at all times is engage with the wide public, make the case and persuade them.”

Philippa Whitford MP

Whitford told activists she was already signed up in July and will be attending with her family.

The National: Dr Philippa Whitford has announced she is standing down (David Woolfall/UK Parliament/PA)

The SNP MP said: "I think it's a wonderful idea, obviously it reprieses the idea of the Baltic states and their chain of freedom, and I think it makes a difference instead of the marches. It may be more accessible for some people with disabilities because they're not having to travel over a long distance.

"I think it will just be a wonderful symbol, us actually holding hands - regardless of our party, or our background - that we believe that Scotland should have a much better future as an independent country."

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Tommy Sheppard MP

"I think its a phenomanal campaign idea," the Edinburgh East SNP MP said, "The whole point of campaigning is to show people that they're not alone. When they come to these events, they will find other likeminded people who agree with the same things that they agree with and who are passionate about achieving them.

"The idea of doing something so practical, so demonstrative, as a human chain through central Scotland is quite exciting so you don't have to give up your whole Saturday so I would encourage everyone to go along, find out more about it, and become a link in that chain."

Neale Hanvey MP

Hanvey is also heading along with his family.

The Alba representative said: "It's really important we link from coast to coast and show that Scotland is serious about independence. I hope to see you there."

Ian Blackford MP

The former leader of the SNP's Westminster group gave his endorsement, and said: "To see people linking arms, linking hands, a chain around Scotland is something that I think will be a very important message to deliver to people here - but elsewhere that are watching what's happening in Scotland as well.

"That demonstration of people's passion for the future of their own country and that desire to see Scotland becoming an independent country - I can think of no better way of people expressing that than joining together on the 14th of October."

Organisers are estimating approximately 49,000 participants are to line the Forth and Clyde canal, which has been split into sections from Bowling to Falkirk.

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