YESSERS from Sweden, the Netherlands and France are all making the journey to Scotland to take part in the Chain of Freedom on Saturday, October 14.

With under two weeks to go, grassroots organisers are estimating approximately 49,000 Yes activists are to line the Forth and Clyde canal, which has been split into sections from Bowling to Falkirk.

It is understood sections 1A, 6A, 6E, and 6F have reached capacity and are now closed, with five others nearing capacity.

Eva Andersson, 64, is making the trip from Sweden to join fellow Scottish independence supporters in creating a human chain from Bowling to Falkirk.

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Andersson, a nurse from Avesta in Sweden, told The National she had been to Scotland a few times and “once Scotland, always Scotland”.

“I absolutely love your country!” she said, adding: “Last May I visited Inverness where I met Wilma and Judith [organisers of the event] and they have become dear friends. I found the chain on Facebook in January this year and joined it straight away.”

Andersson (below left) receives a weekly newsletter from Scotland to keep up with current events, and she shared what the reaction is like in Sweden speaking to people about Scotland.

The National:

She said: “Unfortunately we don’t hear much about Scottish independence here in Sweden but when you talk to people the initial reaction is, ‘how come Scotland is not independent? Of course they should be, this is 2023’ - independence is normal, at least in Europe”.

Andersson is coming with five friends and “are so looking forward” to the event.

Linda Smit-van Den Berg from the Netherlands told the online Facebook group for event updates last week that her dream to live in Scotland aligns with Scottish independence.

She wrote: “My husband John, two of our Scottish friends and I will be at section 5E. It will be great to meet other indy supporters!

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“John and I bought a house in Scotland, just before the first original Brexit-date in 2019. Our dream is to live in Scotland, but Brexit made that practically impossible.

“Apart from our own dream, Scotland deserves independence! We all know Scotland has all the natural resources, is big enough, rich enough (and will be richer after independence) and is smart enough.

“But the most important is that independence makes sure that the power to decide about the future, about a fairer, greener and more prosperous Scotland is where it belongs: in the hands of the Scottish people.”

The National:

Gillian Mackie (above) also got in touch with organisers to notify them that her and her husband, Krzys Paszkowski, were making the trip from Nice in France to join the chain.

She said: “I am Scottish born and my husband is Polish born and we live in the south of France.

“We have been supported of Scottish independence for years.

“We have decided to come from France to join the Chain of Freedom because we believe it’s a great idea and will be a great symbol to the whole world that Scotland wants independence. I also like the fact that this event is politically neutral – that way no silly squabbling can take place between different political outlets which I believe had been encouraged by unionist interests (the centuries old divide and conquer British tactics).

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“And it will also be harder for the unionists to attack than any one political party or group.”

The grassroots project is to be attended by Yes groups all over Scotland, non-party affiliated, as well as from SNP, Alba, and Salvo.

Organisers are urging potential participants to register at the event to ensure health and safety at the event runs smoothly. You can register here.

On the dedicated website for the event, it states: “Health and safety for this event is like no other held so far, due to the location, and number of people. We MUST adhere to this for Scottish Canals, Council areas, Police Scotland, your own safety, and the success of the event.

“Therefore, we require accurate numbers, 1 metre = approx. 1 person and we need them now, so that all planning can be undertaken.”