LAURENCE Fox has criticised GB News in the wake of his sacking from the broadcaster.

Speaking to Sky News, he explained that he discovered he had been fired while in a police station following his arrest.

While he was in custody, GB News said it had concluded internal investigations into comments made by Fox about journalist Ava Evans on Dan Wootton’s show.

Speaking outside Croydon police station, he said: “At least I don’t have to go there every Friday night and have someone pretend they believe in free speech while not believing in free speech whatsoever.”

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It comes after Fox shared a video on social media of police officers raiding his home on Wednesday.

He described GB News as “GB joke” and added: “I found out about the GB News sacking in there (the police station).

"They went: 'By the way, you've been sacked and there's loads of paparazzi out there'. And I was like 'phew'."

The broadcaster confirmed its investigation into Wootton continues while another host, Calvin Robinson, was also sacked.

Also appearing on Sky News, Robinson spoke about Fox’s comments about Ava Evans, saying: “There’s a wider conversation to be had here. I don’t think that conversation was appropriate, I wouldn’t have had that conversation.

“But this is his style and they [GB News] knew that when they hired him so they knew exactly what they were getting which brings the question why did they fire him and say they’re a station for free speech when it’s something that he said that they fired him for.

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“Also, the fact of the matter is, it is an offensive conversation but it’s just a conversation.

“Either we stand for free speech, in which some people will take offence some people won’t or we don’t.

“If there’s no obvious line, where is that line.”