RISHI Sunak has been condemned for making a joke about Nicola Sturgeon during his speech at the Tory conference.  

The PM said that the former first minister wanted to “go down in the history books as the woman who broke up our country” but that she “now looks like she may go down for very different reasons”.

In the same speech, Sunak also spoke of the Union as a “family of nations” saying it was the strongest it has been in a “quarter of a century”.

Many have taken to Twitter/X to condemn the PM for his comments, with figures from across the independence movement speaking out. Alba MP Neale Hanvey described the jibe as “wholly inappropriate”.

The National:

“I would expect this to be challenged by the clerk of the house even if it were said in the chamber under parliamentary privilege," Hanvey said.

SNP MP John Nicolson described the comments as “utterly appalling” from a party that is “mired in sleaze”.

Elsewhere, independent MP Angus MacNeil commented: “Surely such matters are too serious for PM jokes?”  

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Many others also reacted to the comments with one describing them as “shameful” and someone else adding that they were “nasty”.

Sunak’s comments were met with applause from the audience as the PM claimed that the UK is a “remarkable combination of four nations with a proud history”.

“That history should give us enormous confidence in our future”.  

In response to Sunak’s speech, SNP MP Mhairi Black said: “Rishi Sunak’s speech underlines that no promise made by the Tories can ever be taken seriously.

“During their time in power, the Tories’ have failed time and time again to deliver on Scotland’s priorities – while simultaneously crashing the economy, fuelling a cost of living crisis, and plunging tens of thousands of families across the UK into poverty.

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“That is why, at the next election, voters across Scotland can send a clear message to Westminster that we will not be ignored.

“Only the SNP will stand up for Scotland, tackle the cost of living crisis and guarantee Scotland’s voice is heard each and every day.”